Alchemist cattery is dedicated to raising happy, healthy, pedigreed Persians
in the colors of Silver, Gold, Blue Silver, and Blue Gold

Alchemist is the CFA registered name of my cattery. All of my cats/kittens have the correct CFA registration prefix for their color meaning they are not Himalayans or hybrids from those matings (referred to as CPCs or Color Point Carriers). Other than the Alchemist bloodline and a handful of others, most Silver and Golden Persian bloodlines have been adulterated with Siamese thus producing cats/kittens with either a 3000 prefix. Although cats with 3000 numbers look like other Persians, their pedigree tells a different story. The results of these questionable breeding practices has made non-CPC Silver and Golden bloodlines rare and valuable to the progressive cat fancier.
In addition to having the correct registration prefix that denotes the purity of the bloodline, most Alchemist Silvers and Goldens are color bred; meaning they have no Solids, Tabbies, Smokes or Bi-Colors behind them for at least 5 generations. The qualities of having correct registration numbers and being color bred are becoming extremely rare in the Silver and Golden Division. Therefore, with preservation in mind and one eye fixed on the future well-being of the Silver and Golden Division, Alchemist cattery strives to preserve the history and purity of Silvers and Goldens for future generations of breeders.
All Alchemist Silvers and Goldens have the correct CFA registration prefix for Silver and Golden Persians as noted below:
Chinchilla Silver and Shaded Silver.......................0130, 0131 and 0132, 0133
Blue Chinchilla Silver and Blue Shaded Silver..........0128, 0129 and 0156, 0157
Chinchilla Golden and Shaded Golden....................1170, 1171 and 1172, 1173
Blue Chinchilla Golden and Blue Shaded Golden.......1074, 1075 and 1076, 1077
For more information about preserving the Silver and Gold Persians,
and see the alarming statistics, visit the Project S.O.S. website.

Save Our Silvers
The link to Silver and Golden Persian data base is:
About me: Over the years, my home has been meticulously inspected by several licensed Veterinarians and has continuously awarded the prestigious title of Cattery of Excellence under the guidelines and recommendations of the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) since the first inspection in 1996. To this day, we continue to maintain the Cattery of Excellence standard set forth by CFA. I registered my first cattery name, Sweet Lorien, in July of 1990 when I started raising Smoke and Cameo Persians. In August of 2000, I stopped using the name Sweet Lorien and registered the cattery name Alchemist and redesigned my breeding program to exclusively breeding Silvers and Goldens.

Our homeOur home is a loving and cat friendly place, happily settled in North Georgia. Kittens are raised "under foot" and at 10-12 weeks of age, they are ready to go live under your feet. I take pride in how I raise and maintain my kittens and adult cats and encourage you come visit us in person before making a decision from where to purchase a kitten for your family. All of my cats and kittens are kept strictly indoors in a home environment to keep them safe and healthy and I expect you to do the same after acquiring one of my kittens or cats. All of my cats live in the heart of my home; never in a basement, garage, or outbuilding and I do my very best to give each one of my cats the love and companionship they need to thrive.

This is not a business, nor is it how I make a living - my cats are members our family; raising and showing them is done solely for my own personal pleasure. Although I strive to create cats that can be competitively shown at CFA sponsored shows, I frequently have kittens that do not meet the CFA show standard (traditional doll face kittens) and offer them for sale as pets. All pet kittens are sold with a written health guarantee, CFA registration papers, a spay/neuter agreement, and have all shots appropriate for their age.

I am content to have only a few, select cats and although I will always breed traditional shaded and chinchilla Silvers and Goldens, I have added to our color selection the newly recognized colors of Blue Silver and Blue Golden. These ethereal colors represent the dedication and hard work of breeders over the past few years making it now possible for these spectacular cats and kittens to be available to pet homes. Whether you prefer the traditional Silvers and Goldens or the unique Blue Silvers and Blue Goldens, I know you will appreciate the broader spectrum of colors now available while maintaining the traditional shining radiance and sparkle of these delightful cats.

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CFA Mentor Program

We now have a cattery registered with TICA.
Our CFA cattery name is not available so our TICA cattery name is Alchemistcats.

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